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Indonesian White Pepper

Our Indonesian White Pepper is sourced directly from Indonesia, from select plantations, ensuring the freshest and most aromatic peppercorns. This spice is highly regarded by chefs and culinary enthusiast around the globe.

Indonesian White Pepper offers a unique and milder taste compared to its black counterpart. Its delicate flavor profile makes it an excellent choice for dishes where a subtler pepper presences is desired.

Beyond its culinary appeal, Indonesian White Pepper is known for its potential health benefits. With its rich content of antioxidants, it may contribute to overall wellness.

Indonesian White Pepper - Flavors from Southeast Asia | www.hortinesia.com

Density : minimal 600 GL (following international standard quality)
Moisture : below 12%
Color : Approx. Grayish White
Foreign Matters : below 2%
Black Berries : below 5%
Ash : below 5%

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